The professional research together with the long standing and still on-going activity, for innumerable vinegrowers in just as many areas and conditions, have allowed the company to acquire an important, original and specific know-how in the field of enology.

As highlighted on the site, this know-how is represented by operational equipment and solutions which have achieved significant recognition and which have proved their capacity to produce, with low investments and low environmental impact, very healthy wines of absolute value which are promoted by the qualifying image of "Artisan Wines", a regulated image that may group all the Italian artisan food products.

Since the prerequisites necessary to implement the great market potentials thus achieved, because the activity so far performed is professional as well as artisan and operational, because the owner has reached retirement age and because there are no conditions for family continuity, we are searching for profit-sharing collaborators useful to this end or buyers and we are willing to continue in a joint activity for the time needed to start up the activity, as a guarantee of the credibility of the operation.