Our artisan

Natural because it is not concerned with making, improving, modifying, stabilizing… the wine but rather proposes to transfer into the wine the qualities contained in the grapes in the most integral way possible, since the environmental characteristics and the possibility of long aging and constant quality of the bottled wine over time depend only on this.

Natural because the transformation processes leading to the final wine produced, start and develop, up to the achievement of the necessary biological, chemical and physical stability, in a natural way, that is making use of the resources present in the fruit, providing only the most suitable environmental conditions needed to achieve these qualities, and at a later stage, those necessary for the natural chemical and physical stabilization.

Natural because, for these purposes, natural energies are used as far as possible, the heat produced by fermentation and the winter cold, which results in great energy saving, to even reach self-sufficiency, thus minimising the environmental impact.

Artisan because it requires knowledge, choices, dexterity and verifications, therefore the constant presence of man whose culture and operational capacity determine the final quality, a quality which is always unique as opposed to the standards, excellent albeit repeatable all over the world, which derive from the use of advanced but industrial technologies designed for the production of large volumes.

Solution and Equipment

These are the results of a professional experience dating back to 1959 and which since 1966 has always been in contact with the vinegrowers, their needs and their traditions, in the most diverse and dedicated production areas but also in the most prestigious French areas. Their validity and originality have been recognised by the Trieste Research Area which has published them as " technological innovation " on the European site of the BBS entitled: CELLAR FOR NATURAL VINIFICATION: NEW SOLUTIONS AND EQUIPMENT FOR THE PRODUCTION OF TOP QUALITY WINES BY MEANS OF NATURAL PROCESSES.

These solutions are represented by equipment and plants which create:

- Controlled temperature rooms which provide optimal conditions for all the natural processes of wine-making to take place, from the cleaning of the musts to the stabilization of the tartaric acids, by means of simple storage containers. In these rooms, constructed with highly insulated prefabricated elements, where it is possible to maintain the temperatures produced by the fermentation processes for a long time and to use the favourable climatic conditions, the energy consumptions are greatly reduced.

These rooms may be assembled also outdoors, on the ground, under a simple roof.

- Multi-use stainless steel tanks for all storage and fermentation needs of red and white wines, with the devices needed for the fermentation of submersed marc and for the filling with inert gas.

- Modular systems for the processing of white grapes having a high working speed and very high quality yield ( about 40% of the must is obtained in just a few seconds from the breaking of the grape. At least 50% within a few minutes and the remaining 10% in less than an hour, with laceration of stems, skin and seeds). This system may be customised to work during the harvesting stage but also for very fast pressing of the fermented marc of red grapes, essential conditions for the achievement of the highest possible quality. ̀

- System to control and regulate pumping to regulate the flow and the pressure thus eliminating the need for a by-pass and to limit the presence of the operator only to the start up operations.

- Multifunctional filtration equipment in order to perform the filtrating operations, in layers, single or double, with or without fossil flour, all with the same equipment and with the possibility of modifying the filtering surface as needed.

- Rinsing, sanitizing, dripping and bottle inert-making equipment.

- Bottle filling and sealing equipment, also mobile for collective use.

- Equipment for the filling, emptying and washing of barriques.

- Depurcork the purified corck stopper. This cork stems from our own purifying process and is supported by the analysis performed both by the Tempio Pausania Experimental Station on Cork and the University of Piacenza ( a reduction of about 2/3 of the extractable phenols) but even more so years of personal experience on all our own bottles and on bottles produced for our customers have proved the value of our cork purification system that can be applied to a finished cork just prior to bottle stopping.

All purification operations performed during a normal working cycle may vanish during the necessary storage that is often the most common cause of cork quality reduction.

The advantages guaranteed by the system called"NATURAL VINIFICATION CELLAR" are:

- Low set up costs

- Short set up times

- Limited manpower

- Limited power use

- High energy savings

- Optimization of space and movements

- High quality product

- Highly healthy product

- Highly environmentally-friendly

- Possibility to use collectively

- Possibility to increase and improve the quality of the existing crushing systems

Services for vine-growers
Technical assistance

The technical assistance provided to the vinegrowers is not limited to the solution of contingent problems but organises the work and provides all the necessary indications for intervention by suggesting the most appropriate manual operations and verifying the results achieved.

In addition we update and collect the most significant data on the evolution of the wine. The knowledge and correct interpretation of this data are indispensable to a high quality technical assistance which has to be preventive and constructive, rather than provided after the occurring of problems and thus of a repairing nature and therefore inevitably impoverished.

The technical assistance thus represents a truly responsible management capable of granting the vinegrowers professionality in their cellars but, at the same time, relieving them from the concerns related to more engaging productions so as to allow them the peace of mind to dedicate time to the creation of their market which always represents the greatest asset of any company.

The technical assistance may furthermore provide useful indications for a rational evaluation of the investments needed to set up a cellar and its functioning.

The service in the cellar

The services in the cellar are targeted for the vinegrowers who wish to sell the wine produced with their own grapes, but who still cannot avail themselves of suitable cellar technologies (knowledge and equipment) to allow them to face the market (because they are at the beginning of this activity, because their production dimension does not justify the investments or because they do not in any case consider it convenient).
Just like the technical assistance, these services are just as important for their training in the cellar.

They are in fact implemented with simple equipment, customised to the vinegrowers' dimension, which they easily learn to use, thus obtaining, besides the lower cost of this service, the operational capacity and the sensitivity to become independent as soon as they consider it convenient.

The main services, using our equipment in their cellars, which may be provided, are:




In our cellar, we provide all the cellar and storage services, from the processing of the grapes to the final bottled product.

Of particular importance is our wine-making service in order to implement improvements in the vineyard or in the cellar: the particular processing quality and the extremely natural conditions in which all the transformation stages may take place, in fact allow for an objective evaluation of the potential quality of the grapes.

The services in the cellar may be provided also to commercial organisations that are interested in collaborating with the vinegrowers. In the "our tools" section, you will be able to delve into the technical details of how we make our wines.

The marketing service

Taking into account the marketing difficulties encountered especially by smaller wineries, in order to favour the spreading of the "artisan wines", produced by the vinegrowers we personally assist, but also by others who may wish to identify themselves with this particular production philosophy, the company is currently involved in the organisation of collective promotional actions and marketing services.

The greater variety and range of products offered through a collective marketing will favour the market because they allow to decrease the storage investments and to cut accessory costs such as transportation.