Gaspare Buscemi
Gaspare Buscemi è un enologo Gaspare Buscemi è un vinificatore Gaspare Buscemi è un artigiano
Gaspare Buscemi dal 1973

"My work and my story

are lost in time

and can be rediscovered in the bottles.

As long as only one of them

is still speaking,

the story continues."

classic wines
according to ancient tradition
and following nature

The quality of a wine is born in the vineyard and grows in the winery.
The best quality of the best vineyard paired with the best technologies in the winery.

The future of Italian wine and viticulture depends on reclaiming this farming and artisanal culture. Gaspare Buscemi has always been dedicating his work to this idea, thinking and working outside the box as an artisanal oenologist.

Creating a wine, handmade by the competence of man rather than of the machine, today just as in the past.

Bottiglia e attrezzature Macchinari e attrezzature

"L’archimede pitagorico del vino"(cit. Bruno Donati in the Corriere Vinicolo magazine)

Who enters in the winery of Gaspare Buscemi remains amazed by the winemaking tools: all of them are designed and handmade by himself. That’s why this brilliant inventor was called “L’archimede pitagorico del vino”.

Those tools are the result of his professional experience, always in contact with the winemaker, his needs and his traditions. Validity and originality of those tools have been recognized by Area Science Park Trieste, which has identified the laboratory in Zegla as a “winery of natural winemaking”.

Solutions and tools

macchia di vino rosso


When wine is culture, time is the measure for its quality.

Gaspare Buscemi wines

Esperienze, Riserve massime, Alture, Braide, Perle d’uva, VinOro e ViNero, Zero Solfiti: my wines express values of the territory, the tradition and quality and contain the full flavour of the culture they are created from.

gradazione dei vini di Gaspare Buscemi

The perfection that is born from a great grape will only than become a unique and one of a kind wine, if the artisanal skill of man concretizes this perfection in the winery