Fuori Dal CoroStefano Mauri, Crema
(All’artigiano del Vino Gaspare Buscemi)

Si è solo osando
Rispettando, amando
La natura
Quella vera
Che sa incantare
Senza stancare
Che arrivano
Praticamente da sole
Stupendamente coccolate
Bottiglie appassionate
Emozioni… in vino
Uniche, semplici
E soprattutto vere
Sempre in grado
Di regalare,
Nel tempo,
Qualcosa di speciale
Qualcosa per cui amare


Cesar Pillon writes in an article in 1987 that wherever there were vineyards Gaspare Buscemi feels at ease because he loves the wine. And that is the truth: Wine has been his life for sixty years, since as a young oenologist with Sicilian origin, he had qualified from the school of oenology in Conegliano and started to work with the vintners of the region.

He soon abandons the Veneto region and moves to Friuli, where he becomes the first technical director of the Collio producers association. Following the indications o the big Luigi Veronelli, he dedicates himself to the assistance and training of the winemakers, a project of winemaking practice, fully realized only many years later in Carema, in Piemonte.

Besides working as oenologist for small winemakers in Valle d'Aosta, Piemonte, Liguria, Emilia, Toscana, Lazio, isole Eolie e Friuli Venezia Giulia, in 1982 he starts to make wine in his own vineyard.